Learning to drive


In order to be permitted to apply for a practical driving test, a theory test must be taken and passed. The driving theory test is made up of two parts: multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test, and it is compulsory to pass both sections.

Before the theory test begins you are given instructions which must be read carefully. There is even an optional practice test version for the multiple choice section, in orader to get used to the layout of the questions.

There are 50 multiple choice questions which are based on the Highway Code and general driving scenarios, and the questions are usually answered via a touch screen computer. You must answer 43 questions correctly out of 50 in order to pass this part of the theory test.

The hazard perception test presents a series of 14 video clips with at least one potential hazard in sight. All the video clips feature everyday road scenes with a total of 15 hazards, and there is usually one clip which will feature two hazards. In order to pass this part of the driving theory test, you must click the mouse button in the early stages of the hazard developing. The earlier you respond to the developing hazard the more points you will score out of a maximum of 5 for each clip, however if you fail to observe a hazard developing at all then you will obviously score zero points. The total points you can score on the driving hazard perception test is 75 and you must gain at least 44 points in order to pass this section.

The standard theory test fee for driving a car is currently £31.