Learning to drive


The practical test lasts for 40 minutes and is designed to test one’s driving proficiency in normal everyday driving conditions. An examiner must evaluate whether one is capable of carrying out the driving exercises safely whilst being in full control of the car at all times.

Throughout the test one will usually be asked to execute two maneuvers and perhaps an emergency stop procedure. An individual would have practiced these maneuvers during their driving lessons and therefore should be able to carry them out successfully. The maneuvers include: a turn in the road, reverse parallel parking, reverse round the corner and bay parking.

Two questions associated with the Highway Code, which should have been commonly revised throughout an individual’s driving lessons, will also be asked.

In order to pass the driving test, an individual should not make any major faults and are only allowed up to 15 minor mistakes.

A standard driving test currently costs £62 for a weekday slot, but for a weekend or night slot the price increases to £75.