Learning to drive


Once you have received your provisional driving licence, you can start your driving lessons. Though, the licence is only valid when you sign it, so do not forget to do this before you learn how to drive.

It is advisable to have at least a one hour driving lesson a week. However, a two hour lesson a week has been found to be more valuable as you can grasp a lot more driving knowledge in a two hour session than a one hour lesson which is over very quickly.

There is no set minimum amount of lessons or hours required in order to take the practical driving test. Each individual will learn at their own pace, whilst some will find it easy to grasp, others will find it a lot more difficult. An experienced instructor will usually be able to identify roughly how many lessons/hours an individual will need in order to pass from just two or three lessons.

A driving lesson will involve a full session of pure practical driving. From the moment you get into the car you will be taught how to drive, even on the very first driving lesson you will not just be observing the instructor. The driving lesson will go for the full duration of the booked session even if the instructor is late to pick you up; the lesson time will begin as soon as you are collected.

If you want to learn how to drive in a short period, an intensive crash course can be offered, with numerous daily lessons jammed into the week. This type of driving course will get you to the practical test standard very quickly.

For drivers who need to boost their confidence or have been absent from driving for a long period can be offered two types of courses in order to refresh or improve their driving skills. The ‘refresher’ course aims to restore an individual’s ability to drive by bringing them up to standard, and the ‘motorway’ course aims to increase a driver’s ability to drive with assurance via the motorway.

Advanced Driving Lessons are available in order to contribute further to safety whilst driving on the road. These types of lessons are also known as ‘Pass Plus’, where further driving experience with an instructor is given in order to improve skills and awareness, even if a full driving licence is already held.