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This section gives you essential information about learning to drive. Check the below links. Before you start Eyesight Requirements The Theory and Hazard Perception Test Your Driving Lessons The Practical Test

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Driving in Britain is easy and enjoyable as long you learn the tricks and follow the traffic regulations/sign posts.
No matter how hard you try and spend money on any professional motoring school, the importance of friends and family can’t be overlooked. I still remember when I was given my first bike for passing the twelfth grade. Being an amateur, I had a brief encounter with the Road Transport Office(RTO) people regarding driving
Starting 4 October 2010, Independent Driving Test results will be taken into account while judging a candidate’s ability to drive a motor vehicle. Until now, the practical test always had an examiner sitting besides and directing the candidate.

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Are you sick of unreliable public transport and tired of having to depend on friends and family to drive you about?

...then it is time you took control and became in charge of your own road trips.

Learning to drive can be a frightening and nerve racking experience for some people and that is why finding the most appropriate driving school is important in making one feel as comfortable as possible.

Our site is dedicated to finding you the best driving school for your needs at the best possible price.

The service we offer is completely free and there are no hidden obligations.

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We offer reviews from the top driving schools in the UK. This will allow you to compare the pros and cons of each company and give you a good indication of what type of driving schools will be better suited to you. Once you have a good idea of what sort of driving schools you want to look into then access our booking section and find out whether their instructors cover your local area.

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As long as you meet the minimum age requirement of 17 years or above and own a valid provisional driving license, there is nothing stopping you from getting on that road to freedom.

Access our booking section and request a quote from several driving schools in your local area. Do not be daunted by the list of driving schools available to you, view this as an opportunity to explore your options and make your preferences count.

Whether you are looking for intensive crash course lessons, weekend and evening lessons, or just automatic lessons, then our site will be able to drive you into the right direction.

Select your chosen driving school and wait for an instructor to contact you. Please note once you have made your selection you are not in any way obligated to take driving lessons with that specific school, have a chat with the instructor first and make sure you are happy with them before taking any further action. This is merely an enquiry on your part and no payments are necessary until you directly make an agreement with the instructor that gets in contact with you.

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