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RED Driving School is a nationwide company that helps thousands of people pass their driving test throughout the UK.


RED Driving School is the UK’s leading teacher of driving instructors who have obtained the best training possible to ensure the most effective tuition is provided for the learner.  RED offers free local pickup, intensive course options, help with theory test preparation and a special introductory rate for first time learners – 50% off the very first lesson.  In addition to this there are also discounts for block-bookings, with friendly instructors arranging a suitable driving package that fits around their learner’s schedule. This driving school not only promises to help you pass within an efficient period, but also aims to make your learning experience enjoyable and fun.


RED Driving School has received several complaints about unsatisfactory driving lessons and instructors that have even failed to pick up their learners. The company, in their defence, has stated that they should not be blamed, as instructors who qualify with RED work on a ‘self employed’ basis and as franchise members there are always going to be one or two who may be a little sluggish and careless when it comes to organisation and work efficiency. However, these instructors still act as representatives of RED Driving School and some learners may find it difficult not to be left with a bitter taste in their mouth after dealing with an incompetent instructor sent directly via the company itself.


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