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The AA driving school has taught over a million people to drive with the help of highly qualified instructors.


The AA takes pride in being the only national driving school which exclusively uses 100% fully Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). This means that pupils will receive the best and most effective driving tuition available. The company also uses brand new Ford Focus’ for pupils to drive in, and offers discounted block lessons when the AA membership is taken up, plus providing an AA welcome pack which includes further discounts as well as a 50% discount rate for the first 2 hours of driving tuition. Furthermore, when joining up to the AA membership you are not only given discounts to help you get started up, but also given a year’s free AA breakdown cover, a further 50% discount in year 2 and a 25% discount in year 3. Overall, the AA maintains very high standards in customer service and instructors’ strive to retain a calm and patient attitude at all times, and in addition to this, offer the option of Pass Plus support to all of their pupils.


The AA only allows drivers who are under the age of 30 to be given a year’s free start-up membership breakdown cover, when learning to drive. This means if you are 30 years + you will not be given this fruitful offer, which may put off many mature adults from learning with the AA. Also, the year’s free breakdown cover begins as soon as you start learning to drive with the AA, which seems to be a bit of a waste as most drivers do not even own a car until they pass their test. The AA only uses Ford Focus cars for tuition purposes; this does not really give the learner an option to perhaps drive a smaller car which they may find more comfortable to start off in. Previous pupil's have also complained that they were not given the option to choose the gender of their instructor, however, as with most driving schools, it is uncommon to even meet your instructor until your very first driving lesson.


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